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Residential Home Phone Line Connection problems - Is there a problem with My Phone Line ?

Your home phone line can cause problems with your Telephone Service and Your Broadband Service. You may find that you have Broadband no Landline service, Your Broadband is running Slow, No Dial Tone on The Phone Line, sometimes you may get a noisy Telephone Line, it may even ring once and cut off. There are Lots of reasons why you have Phone Line Connection problems but it would be wrong to automatically assume your service provider is at Fault.

Over 89% of all Telephone Faults and Broadband Faults are a result of your home Phone wiring, which you own.

Your service provider, for example: you may have a Telephone and Broadband service from BT, But the service they provide and or any other service provider, their responsibility ends within the Master Telephone Socket, not on the front of the Master Telephone Socket but inside, Yes, inside the Master Telephone Socket is where your Test socket is located.

The lower half front cover of The Master Telephone Socket is removable, ( Known as your, Extension Plate ) once removed this will revel your test socket. When you have removed your Telephone Extension Plate, you have now disconnected your Telephone Extension Wiring, in other words, you are eliminating The Telephone Extensions and Telephone Wiring THAT YOU OWN. Now you would plug your Telephone or any equipment you are having Problems with into your Test Telephone Socket, If at this point you still get No Dial Tone or are having any Phone Line Connection Problems or Slow Broadband Problems, Then 100% you will need to contact your service provider. If your Telephone Line Service works all okay within your master Telephone TEST socket, Then you have Phone Line Connection Problems at your home, On Your Internal Phone Wiring and Telephone Sockets, which means you will need to source guys like myself who can repair the service for you.

Infinity installation master sockets

Move Master Telephone Sockets

Telephone Point Extensions

Extra Telephone Sockets - Phone-Alarms-Sky-Any service that requires a Phone Socket

Telephone Line Faults - See: TelephoneFaults.com for additional help

Any Telecoms Service that is at your Home.

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If you Require help assistance and advice with checking your telephone line fault or Broadband then see the following website Telephone Faults

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