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Local Telephone Engineer | Local Ex BT Telephone Engineers Local Ex Openreach Engineers Now Trading as Independent Local Telephone Engineers  across The UK Speak Direct To your Local "Telephone Engineer near me" or Click one of the links on the left to find a local Telephone Engineer near you. 

CONTACT your Local Telephone Engineer DIRECT

Surrey Local Telephone Engineer in Surrey
Contact: Steve: 07925 365332  MyPhoneGuy.co.uk  

London Local Telephone Engineer in London
Contact: Steve: 07925 365332  MyPhoneGuy.co.uk  

North London Telephone Engineer in North London
Contact: Richard 07966 189463  thetlephoneengineer.com

East London Telephone Engineer in East London
Contact: Jamie 07931 352757   tele-installations.co.uk

SE  London Telephone Engineer in South East London
Contact :  

Andover Local Telephone Engineer in Andover
Contact: 01256515071

Birmingham Local Telephone Engineer in Birmingham
Contact: Keith Smith 0773218188   neatconnections.co.uk

Chester Local Telephone Engineer in Chester
Contact: Craig Douglas 07709354868   telephoneengineerchester.co.uk

Cornwall Local Telephone Engineer in Cornwall
Contact: Nigel: 07732491809  x-bt.co.uk

Devon Local Telephone Engineer in Devon
Contact: Ian 07763974416  exetertelecom.co.uk

Essex Local Telephone Engineer in Essex
Contact: Tom 07882691192  thcontracts.co.uk

Kent Local Telephone Engineer Kent
Contact: Mark 07738277440  telephoneengineerkent.com

Herefordshire Local Telephone Engineer Herefordshire
Contact: Robert   08454597630  installationsathome.co.uk

Leeds Local Telephone Engineer in Leeds
Contact: Robinson 07885528041  telephonewiring.co.uk

Lincolnshire Local Telephone Engineer in Lincolnshire
Contact: Mick 07777640358  localtelcom4u.co.uk

Manchester Local Telephone Engineer in Manchester
Contact: Shane 01619722155 telephoneengineermanchester.co.uk

Wales Local Telephone Engineer in Wales
Contact: Simeon: 07771822206   thephonedoctors.co.uk

North Wales Local Telephone Engineer North Wales
Contact: John Elias: 07724 188 596   http://www.conwyvalleytelecom.co.uk/

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All the Telephone Engineers listed on the Links Have all Worked for BT and Openreach Working for and on behalf of all the service providers listed above and more. BT Plc owns Openreach, they are a subsidiary company of BT Plc. Openreach are responsible for maintaining the Telephone network from the telephone exchange up to your property on behalf of all the service providers.....The Telephone Network from the Master Telephone Socket inside your property is your responsibility to maintain Fix / Repair or to have additional work installed. You can Call your service provider and ask for them to move your telephone socket, provide extra phone sockets or repair your internal wiring fault, but who ever your service provider maybe they will instruct Openreach to carry out the work! This is because your service provider HAS NO Telephone Engineers. So It's your choice, you can instruct an Openreach engineer to carry out the work, remember their visit charge alone is £130 just to knock on your door, or Instruct a Local Independent Telephone Engineer who charges are about half the cost, Knowing that the local telephone engineers have amassed years of experience working as BT Telephone Engineers and Openreach Broadband Engineers. To Speak to your Local Telephone Engineer direct simply click on your area on the left and obtain their Direct Contact Number.

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